The ideal temperature for storing chocolate is 15-20 Celsius.
That's why you need to be especially careful when buying your chocolates, because they can melt pretty quickly even when you are on your way home.

Here's a few simple, but important things to know about caring for your chocolate to make sure it stays looking and tasting terrific:

- Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. It should be kept away from sunlight in a cool, dry place with a temperature ranging from 15-20 Celsius. If the storage temperatures fluctuates extremely then this may cause "chocolate shock" or blooming which is the appearance of a whitish color on the surface of the chocolate. The chocolate will still be fine to eat or use in recipes, but may affect the quality of the chocolate's taste and texture.

- Your chocolates are best transported in a cooler bag or thermal container with ice packs in a plastic bag to avoid moisture damage. Please never leave your chocolates in parked car, even on a cool day.

- If you leave in an extremely warm area and do not have air conditioning, you may need to keep your chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent it from melting.
If you are going to freeze your chocolates, put them in a double-wrapped freezer bag ensuring it is airtight. When defrosting, to reduce the risk of "chocolate shock" place in the refrigerator at the lowest part for 24 hours, then store in a cool place to bring to room temperature for 24 hours before eating. Chocolate is best enjoyed when eaten at room temperature. The process of slowly thawing the chocolate and bringing it to room temperature helps prevent the formation of condensation on the surface, which in turn will lead to blooming.

- As the cocoa butter in chocolate absorbs odors readily, be sure to store your chocolate away from items such as garlic, spices, or perfumed soap as this may affect the chocolate's flavor.