Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I store my chocolates?

A. The optimum holding temperature is between 15-20ºC with low humidity. To maintain the freshness of your purchase, we recommend that you store your chocolates in a cool dry cupboard away from heat or light source and any perfumed items such as soaps etc. And never leave them in parked car for any length of time.

Q. Can I store chocolate in the refrigerator?

A. Only refrigerate in extreme weather conditions, in which case place in an airtight container or double wrap and place in the bottom section of the fridge. The chocolates should be slowly brought back to room temperature before unpacking, several hours before consuming.

Q. Why can chocolate turn white?

A. If chocolate is exposed to temperature fluctuations, the chocolate may appear white. The chocolate is still edible, but the quality and texture will be affected, see ‘How should I store my chocolates?’ to ensure your chocolate is kept at its best.

Q. Does the best chocolate have the highest cocoa content?

A. Not necessarily. The key to producing premium quality chocolate is to achieve a balance of flavors and fine textures from the cocoa beans and the manufacturing process. Very high cocoa content can in fact make chocolate quite unpalatable. Years of manufacturing experience and a commitment to using only the finest quality cocoa beans and employing traditional manufacturing techniques, enables Choc"Olat to continue producing a well balanced chocolate.

Q. Are any of your products gluten free?

A. The majority of our products are categorized as “no detectable gluten”. This status can include ingredients which may be wheat derived however are so highly processed that there is undetectable residual gluten and therefore are gluten free by the European standard “no detectable gluten”.

Q. Do you sell sugar free chocolate?

A. We currently sell imported milk and dark sugar free chocolates.

Q. What is compound chocolate?

A. Compound chocolate is not classed as chocolate as it contains added vegetable fats and cocoa powder and often include other additives. Compound chocolate can leave a very greasy feel on the palate and lacks the full and complex flavors found in real chocolate.

Q. Do you use palm oil in your chocolate?

A. No. Choc'Olat manufactures chocolate with pure cocoa and cocoa butter for natural flavors. No added fats are used in the making of any our chocolates.

Q. Do you sell online?

A. At this stage we do not sell our products on line. You can however place and order by phoning 02 2950830 or email orders at Our team can assist with all your inquiries and prepare your order in advance. The Thai climate can be harsh at certain times of the year so we encourage our customers to pick up their orders from the factory, however we do offer delivery service.

Q. Do you take corporate orders?

A. Yes, our Sales team offer an extensive range of presentation and seasonal gift boxes that make stylish corporate gifts to suit your budget and we can arrange delivery to you or your client’s office. Please contact

Q. Do you have a product return policy?

A. Due to strict food handling regulations, we are unable to exchange products or accept returns unless there is a product fault. Should you have a concern with the quality of your chocolate, please contact our sales team.